Channel Seed

Selecting your seed could be the most important decision you make all year. I will work with you to select the right seed to match your field.

images (9)Seedsmanship is what truly sets Channel apart from other seed brands. It’s our unmatched ability to provide you with the expert advice and customized service that helps get the most yield out of your acres. It’s the added value of year-round service combined with elite seed products that you can only get from Channel.

What we provide is a hands-on approach to helping you and your farming operation succeed. It’s being with you on your farm, assessing your conditions, diagnosing your challenges, then recommending the best solutions specific to your needs. At Channel, it’s about working with you 365 days a year to help you reach your goals. That’s Seedsmanship At Work​®.

I will take the time to listen, you can count on getting expert advice, customized service and recommended elite seed products that best match your fields and your needs.

What does it mean to be a Channel Seedsman?

•Knowing our customers and their fields
•Knowing all we can about the newest seed technologies to get the most out of every acre
•Delivering knowledgeable planting recommendations and expert advice
•Providing elite seed products and customized service to help our customers reach their farming goals